Friday, 31 December 2010

The Final Roundup of 2010


This is a final post, on the eve of the new Frugaldom challenge, to summarise the results of the 2010 one. But first and foremost, I'd like to welcome baby Niamh, my newest granddaughter, who arrived into the world at 02.53 this morning. :)


2010 was all about living on a budget of £4,000 after paying rent/water/council tax.  In addition to this, I've been building up a small poultry business alongside fruit and vegetable growing.  Everything that wasn't part of the household accounts (the £4,000) had to be generated from outside of the normal self-employed income in the hope of achieving a break-even point by 31/12/10  I am delighted to announce that I managed to run the entire household on a sum total of £3,990.59 whilst everything else concerning the poultry, garden and home improvements amounted to £57.97 pence LESS than the extra or residual earnings from egg & poultry sales, LETS trading, cashback, winnings, gifts and bank interest. To conclude 2010's frugal challenge budget, I have a credit balance of £67.38, which will be carried forward into 2011. A full breakdown of all earnings and expenditure have been incorporated into the Frugaldom Forums.

For 2011, the challenge is to continue with the £4,000 houshold running costs with the rest of the Frugaldom project developing into a self-sustainable, homebased business. We're still a long way short of making Frugaldom completely self sufficient but we have taken several steps closer. The biggest expense of all relates to fuel and power - electricity, coal and logs accounted for approximately 37.5% of the entire household budget!

Nonetheless, we are starting 2011 with zero debt, a lovely little multifuel stove in the kitchen, the coal bunker and one logstore filled plus enough food to sustain a small army. We have 50+ assorted chickens, ducks and quail that, despite the atrocious weather and sub-zero temperatures since mid September, have managed to keep us well supplied with eggs. In fact, I haven't had to buy eggs, preserves, wine, lemon curd, bread, cakes or biscuits since 2009. Long may it continue. I also invested in a new incubator, decorated the kitchen and managed to include a corner bistro-style bench set, all without dipping into the savings.

Not a bad year, all things considered, and it's thanks, mainly, to all the great frugal friends I've made during the previous years' challenges. I wish each and every one of you health, debtfree wealth and happiness in 2011. I hope to encourage many more people to take up the Frugaldom Challenge and will look forward to seeing you all in the Frugaldom Forums. Until then...

May all your bottles of rhubarb or elderflower 'champagne' go pop!


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  1. Happy New Year to all in Frugaldom!

    Hope my bottles don't go "pop" at least not until I manage to liberate them from the clutterbox which used to be my store :)

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Hope everyone is as warm and comfy as Scruffy cat!

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your grand-daughter...and well done on all the things you have accomplished this yr...long may you be frugal and have a long and good life
    Happy new year

  4. Happy New Year

    I love DGD name ...hope you get lots of cuddles


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