Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ducks Take Charge of the Warm Water

Still without snow here, thankfully, but the ground has remained frozen for some time. Despite the winter sunshine, temperatures in the shadier parts of the garden haven't been getting above zero, so it's a constant battle to keep the supply of fresh water available to the hend, ducks and quail.

In such cold weather, their breakfast is warm mash, their water dishes get thawed out and then replenished with warm water. However, I decided to sit a basin out in the open this morning, to allow all the ducks around it. Hmm... not sure this was such a good idea, as they're taking turns at having a warm bath and spraying water all ways, scattering the hens and creating what should soon become a lovely ice rink! I'll need to go move it back into its corner before everything freezes and we have big ducky feet stuck to the metal drain cover! But, for now, they can have a bit of splashy fun while I'm making the porridge.

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