Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ask NYK: Curry party at 50p per head


Dear NYK,

In a drunken moment, I offered to get everyone in the pub - all 70 of them - a curry! I can't go back on my word, what should I do?


Invite them to your place at various times, tell them all to bring a bottle and then get to the supermarket ASAP to buy the following:

20 tins/jars of supermarket basic curry sauce (£2)
Onions (£2)
Mixed peppers (£5)
Sultanas or raisins (£1)
4 large chickens (£20)
5Kg of rice (£5)
Any spare veg you can pick from the garden, even carrots & potatoes

Total cost = £35 (50p per person)

By cooking the extra veggies and sultanas to add into the sauce, it'll disguise that it came from a jar or a tin. If you can get jars, all the better. (Asda and Sainsbury's do jars) That way you'll have 20 empties that can be recycled for next year's jam-making.

Don't forget to strip every available piece of meat from the chickens and chop it fairly small. And certainly don't forget to save all the extras & bones for making stock. You could get 20 litres of soup out of that lot.

The above can all be frozen. If anyone complains about the quality, tell them you said only that you'd 'get them a curry', if anyone offers to chip in towards all the expense, charge them £1 each and offer to make it a regular event.

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  1. Dried pulses are your friend. Chickpeas fill out curries nicely. Lentils or split peas for tarka daal - just add onions & spices. So much cheaper than the canned variety

  2. Thanks, Louisa. As you'll have guessed, we use a lot of pulses here, almost as much as we use porridge. It, too, is a great bulking agent, especially with the veggies in mince dishes like bolognese. :)


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