Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Never a dull moment with the military around!

Frugaldom, as many will know, is located within a military low fly zone. This is also part of a Tactical Training Area; they can, apparently, still bomb Luce Bay. Again, see 'Local Hero' for an idea of what life is really like here. But I'm convinced we are subjected to what's commonly known as 'buzzing'. By this, I mean that the farm appears to be used as some sort of target during tactical training exercises, so we often get fast flying fighter jets whizzing overhead, occasionally so low that the heat from the after burners can be felt as they rattle everything around us, send poultry into a feathery flap and scatter sheep and cows in all directions. Today seems to have been one such an exercise - or else the pilots just think it's fun to give me palpitations!
Hearing louder noise than normal, I raced to the front window to see this coming at me! I was convinced the helicopter was landing, as it nose dipped and swung round in circles metres above the startled cows! Hens and ducks all ran for cover when the oversized, noisy birds passed right overhead - 2 of them - followed by a few jets whizzing over at a more sensible altitude. If only I'd had the camera at the ready when one of the helicopters was practically on the ground! Excitement, or what? Never a dull moment with the military around, that's for sure.

Neighbour was out watching, too, so we just HAD to down tools and stop for a cuppa. In the meantime, amidst all the noise and excitement, I was trying to have a serious telephone conversaion with a journalist researching back yard hen keeping! Please disregard any comments doubting the sanity of the proprietor of Frugaldom in the unfortunate event that it makes it into print. It's not really that crazy about here on 'normal' days... I don't think?

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