Saturday, 20 November 2010

Frugal-techno-whizz-kid or what?

Here in Frugaldom, NYK Media has plenty of time after dark to study all these emerging technological markets, so I was eagerly awaiting the 'big joint announcement' from MySpace and Facebook. I like this social networking thing, it's so frugal when it's all free! So, checked out that my account was still active, after retrieving several lost passwords, then set about investigating. Joy of joys! The techno-wizardry that is digital social networking has, indeed, brought MySpace into the mainframe. Talking turkey? Well, in simple Scottish terms, I write myself an email update, fire it off into the electronic ether and it posts onto this blog. I can edit it or upload photos any time thereafter. The clever bit comes when I hit the Twitter button at the bottom of the blog, (or any other website where you see something that can be 'tweeted') as this then posts an update to Twitter, which in turn posts the update to all friends and contacts on Facebook AND MySpace. How nifty is that?
This is my first attempt at the above, so I'll refrain from celebrating too much until I've checked to see if this has been a success. My frugal ways may just have reached new levels!

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