Monday, 8 November 2010

The Storm Still Rages...

The rain, hail and high winds are persisting and, after the overnight deluge, the fields around the house are flooding and draining into the garden. It's 7.30am and still too dark and too wet to even contemplate donning the waterproofs to go and let the hens or ducks out to wander about the place. I've already lit the stove to take the chilly dampness off the air.

There's now just enough light to make out a band of water lying across the back field, surrounding a row of miserable looking sheep, some of them actually standing knee deep in the flooding. Not quite sure what that's all about, as they could easily move a few steps onto the grass. I'll put it down to sheep's stupidity. Afterall, a creature that can roll onto it's back then get stuck and die cannot be the brightest. Some of the lucky ones, mind you, manage to roll down the hill, legs flailing, like giant wooly snowballs. It's very funny to watch, even funnier when there really is snow on the ground, as one can only imagine the consequences of it sticking to them as they make their less than gracefull decent, tumbling down the slope.

Anything outdoors is off the menu for today, I just hope we don't need more logs bringing inside, as I doubt very much if these will have escaped the continuing torrential rain.

Meter reading morning - we'll see what difference adding the storage heaters to the weekly electricity costs has made. All three of them are set on low, so the number of occasions that they actually came on over the past week was minimal. All things considered, we're definitely spending far less feeding the meter than last year and recycling 50p pallets as firewood isn't too much of a drain on resources, especially when it means being able to cook on 'George', our hungry little pot belly pig/stove.

Edited in - By 8am (now) I've been out, let everything out to wander about and got drenched. The winds are gusting with enough force to blow the ducks around the corner but they're persisting in trying to swim and bathe in the puddles on what's left of our lawn. Haven't seen it as wet as this for some time and there's no signs of it stopping. With the A75 having been closed on two separate occasions over the past fortnight owing to flooding, it's not looking too good for this week again. Add to this the snow that was lying on the Galloway Hills from yesterday and the combination makes for a stark warning for what could be a really bad winter. I just hope that we're sufficiently prepared.

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