Friday, 5 November 2010

2011 - The Year of the Frugal Entrepreneur

This soapbox screed is a result of having been reading about parents who need to bribe their children to look at books. I can understand why many children of today choose not to read, afterall, why should they? Everything they need can be found on screen. So, why not teach them to read on screen? It's words they need, not pictures. (Or should that be text and not graphics?) I need a frugal programmer to put together a few ideas but, in the meantime, I'll muddle my way through a second version of something did over 10 years ago. It will be outdated, but that won't matter - updates will soon come along - it will be frugal and simple, it might eveb interest some kids.

Have you got what it takes to make a difference? Frugal entrepreneurs, or 'frugaleurs', as I prefer to call them, aren't out to make millions, they're out to make a meaningful difference. If the £millions arrive then it's just an added bonus.

Who says we need a huge cash investment to set up, establish and/or run a successful business? Even if it's classed as a lifestyle business, we each have the freedom to choose our own lifestyle, be it grand or frugal. I like the good life! I enjoy homegrown veg, freshly made lemon curd, seasonal game, homemade champagne and quail eggs, even if that makes my lifestyle seem more like the high life than the good life. In actual fact, it's a frugal life. But we can't just look at our own selfish lives, we need to look at the bigger picture. Without knowledge, there can be little progress, yet knowledge is based on education and learning. How can parents teach their kids anything when they're too busy out earning 'a living'? Stepping back and taking a panoramic view shows what I can only describe as a 'magic eye' picture. In one glimpse, the picture is about money and power but a bit of a tilt reveals the children of the future are the mainstay of this wacky global society that we call life on earth. 21st Century Britain - known the world over as having been Great, yet we still have problems with unemployment, illiteracy, poor health and debt. What a great example to set anyone. Does it make you a success if you can earn, read, write, count and be free from debt? It's certainly an achievement of some description.

Whilst living well within our means, we can accumulate a healthy nest egg, one that enables us to hatch all sorts of plans for the future. The business of earning our own income is no different - we have freedom of choice to pursue our chosen dreams, even if we have to generate our wealth and happiness from a virtual stand still. With a bit of careful planning, a constant stream of number cunching and a clear understanding of the differences between needs and wants, anyone can run their own, self-sustaining business and help support those around them. It's the single-mindedness to pursue personal riches that makes one stand out from another: money + knowledge + people = power.

Are you going for corporate glory or are you happy with personal achievement? What if money was removed from the equation? Does it really tip the balance because you are without it? Is it a simple case that those with it would conspire against you? Find out for yourselves.

Simple living. Think about it... the hierarchy still exists. There's not really any point in trying to beat the system, we need to embrace it and do our bit for society.
What frugal entrepreneurial opportunities are within your grasp? Will 2011 be the start of things to come?

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