Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Frugaldom is based in a weird weather vortex

For almost two years, we have lived here wondering about the peculiar weather patterns we seem to get. We were made aware of the fact that the farm sits in a frost pocket - this part is obvious, when we're scraping ice from windscreens and nearby Newton Stewart is basking in sunshine. Most days, we are battered by swirling winds that are actually rather fun to watch, especially if the neighbours have their washig hanging out at the same time. The vortex is at its best during line drying washing. Mine will be horizontal in one direction and next door's will he horizontal in an entirely different direction. Likewise the curling smoke from newly kindled fires. But winter brings a different, eerie phenomenon. This morning saw the first occurance of this.

Above my head was slate grey, a few spots of rain reminded me not to expect any more Indian summer weather and, yet, looking around the horizon, we had a panoramic view of scarlet streaked skies. I'm not sure about you, but we were always taught that, "a red sky in the morning is a shepherd's warning," so I grabbed the camera before the heavens opened, checking the thermometer on the way back indoors again. It was a heady 4C, so not a precursor to snow, at least. Not yet, anyway. I've posted the photos to show what spectacular skies we get around here but bare in mind - IT WAS RAINING ON MY HEAD as I took these photos around 7.45am this morning.

I haven't quite sussed out how to edit the photos into the appropriate places, but you'll get the picture. To all intents and purposes, scanning the horizon around Frugaldom gives the illusion of a fine, Autumnal day with the promise of some sunshine. There was even a band of blue between the panoramic pink and the heavy grey above my head. Just another of the anomalies that inhabit this part of the country. Our tiny 'patch' has a 3C temperature difference between here and the road end.

There was NO DUCK EGG this morning! The extent of my search produced nothing more than a solitary blue Araucana egg and one single quail egg. Still, it's better than no eggs at all.

Now, approximately one hour after coming back inside from feeding hens, ducks & quail and taking the above photographs, we have a beautiful blue sky with sunshine escaping past the band of fluffy white clouds. I wouldn't be surprised if the temperature soared to 20C by this afternoon, but would be equally non-surprised if it plummetted to -1C and cloaked the entire hillside in snow. The joys of living in Scotland, don't you just love it?

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