Wednesday, 20 October 2010

As Temperatures Plunge...

Good morning from a very frosty and icy Frugaldom! As you can see from the photograph, we have rather chilly temperatures again with a layer of ice over water buckets and hosepipes frozen. We have managed to get down to -5C, although the angle of the thermometer makes it look like -6C. I took this photo  around 8am, so I'm not too sure how cold it got between then and last night. I know it got a bit cold!

I'm so glad the poultry 'feeding station' was given priority treatment yesterday, as it meant only a few feet to move buckets for fresh water this morning. The quail seem to be fairing OK in their new open plan run, despite the cold snap, but I'll add a thick layer of straw to the shavings on their indoor platform so they have an extra layer of insulation before the weather really takes a turn for the worst. I'll just need to hope that they have the sense to go inside for shelter!
Indoors feels quite warm this morning - even more so now that George has been lit - so there were no indications of what awaited me outdoors, barring the condensation on the bedroom and livingroom windows.

Once again, I cannot recommend a multifuel stove, like George, our pot bellied 'pig', highly enough. Without him, I reckon we'd already have needed all the storage heaters on to prevent freezing.

I guess today will be the day that we'll hear exactly what austerity measures our new Government will make. For us, I think most have already been taken, incorporated into Frugaldom living over the past few years. Good luck to all! From the media hype, it seems we're all going to need it. Losing RAF bases won't help matters north of here but WE WILL ALL SURVIVE! This, I have great faith in declaring as truth. There's no firing squad involved, just a push for communities to become more supportive of one another and take responsibility for their own households in as far as is humanly possible. It's just a pity that the communities that usually end up being hit worst are ones that do still have a bit of that solidarity spirit. I doubt very much if 'The City' will notice much difference. But then again, I doubt very much if a disjointed town or city, where one neighbour doesn't know another, would have the same initial reaction in coming together to swap their skills and pool their resources. Not that I'm a cynic of any description. :)
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