Sunday, 18 July 2010

Between keeping on top of weeding, sowing, planting, watering, thinning, sweeping and raking, looking after the hens, ducks & quail, tending to the chicks & ducklings, keeping an eye on the incubators, foraging & preserving, keeping up with the day to day running of the household, batch cooking, preserving and doing my normal income-generating work, not to mention having next door's (Dreamer) garden, greenhouse and hens to look after, I just don't have the time to keep up with so many blogs. Everything is going in the forum pages of FRUGALDOM where I also use Twitter which, in turn, keeps the family updated on Facebook.

Since last post, we've hatched more quail, bantams, hens and ducks.
First lot of quail hens have started laying
First lot of ducklings have fully grown
Got a German Lop Eared rabbit
etc., etc., etc...

Frugaldom Floppity


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