Thursday, 25 February 2010

Frugaldom Fun

Today has been an exciting one so far. First of all, after listing my first item in the decluttering stakes on eBid, I have already attracted a bidder, so that'll be another £1 for the 'EEK' (Everything Else Kitty) that normally gets swallowed up paying for chicken and duck feed.

On a completely different subject, look at this!
This is one of the 3 eggs I have in my mini-incubator. After selling one of them, I decided to test a second one before listing it for sale on eBid, so have been incubating 3 eggs from my Pekin and Silkie hens. At 5pm tonight, the second egg pipped and both chicks are chirping to one another from inside their eggs!

I have the camera at the ready and am updating my 'chickwatch' page on the website at but I've only just discovered that I can also uplod the photographs here, too. Watch this space.

My decluttering site, where I'm trying to earn a few pounds extra to keep the feathered friend happy, healthy and fed is at so named because I'm going to be listing all the garments I no longer need along with anything else that's surplus to requirement. I've set myself a very realistic target of 3 items per day to be listed in my eBid stores, so don't miss the bargains. Here's what's listed so far.

Back to chickwatch now, hoping to have 2 new babies by tomorrow morning. :) As soon as anything hatches, be assured there'll be photographs available online both here and on the Frugaldom site.

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