Friday, 26 February 2010

3 out of 3, 100% hatch success! :)

See the whole hatch on the chickwatch page - 3 new additions for the Frugaldom garden this summer.

I'm considering investing in a new webcam so all the Frugaldom friends and family can see these little chappies. H managed to get an old one raked out from the attic today and then discovered it wasn't compatible with my version of windows, so it became today's item for eBid. If it's any good to anyone, it's listed at £1 no reserve. Check out Kensington VideoCAM on eBid. Either that or you can just take a look at the list of bargains I currently have for sale - every penny counts in the quest for frugal living and a self sufficientish lifestyle. eBid earns me chicken feed. :)

Today I made my first lot of soft cheese and it tastes lovely. As a first timer, I used a carton of unbranded natural yoghurt and left it straining all day through a jelly bag and sieve then mixed in a few dried herbs and some ctushed garlic. It's now in the fridge after being sampled by all and getting the thumbs up! I used a couple of tablespoonsful of the yoghurt to start off a litre of homemade yoghurt and have also kept another couple of tablespoonsful in a carton in the freezer for future use. Friend/neighbour will be here tomorrow morning to see how I did following her instructions for both. Now I need to go and decant the (hopefully) yoghurt from my flask and get it stirred and then into the fridge overnight.

Keep on frugaling!


  1. Hi, wow! What beautiful chicks! How easy are they to take care of in the early days? I would love to have hens here soon, once i've decided where to keep them! You are an inspiration and thankyou for keeping up your site, i'm using it as a reference just to show myself i can live the dream too!

    1. How are you doing with your dream life? Just wondered if you ever got your hens. :)


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