Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2015 Frugal Living Challenge


A very belated welcome to the 2015 Frugal Living Challenge - along with my sincerest apologies for not having taken the time to blog for the past few weeks. what with floods, gale force winds and other circumstances beyond my control, I have fallen behind. It's been a time of battened hatches and mugs of hot chocolate.

Over the past month, life in Frugaldom has been a little chaotic, to say the least. 140115_231214_flood

As you can see, the wet weather took its toll on the tin man and the log border of the new path when high tides combined with torrential rain resulted in the burn bursting its banks and flooding the orchard. The water didn't lie long and there was minimal damage, but the weather has done its best to wreak havoc without sending us any snow this winter, so far. The howling gales, however, ripped apart the polytunnel.

Onwards and upwards - we've a challenge to meet.

For yet another year I am going to attempt my £4,000 annual budget. I have no mortgage, no car, I house share and we both work from home, meaning minimal work expenses. I have managed to succeed in this challenge since first publishing it in 2007 and it gets easier every year, allowing more and more savings to be invested elsewhere.

For 2015, I am looking at the following budget for the entire household… continued


  1. Well hello and a belated welcome to 2015. Glad to hear you are both well flooded garden notwithstanding! Glad Asda has popped into your area, home delivery should help out and save long journeys on your bike.

    1. Supermarket home delivery without living near a supermarket is PHENOMENAL! Without that, I wouldn't even be attempting to slash the food budget further but this is serving as a double-edged sword - it will focus more attention on the kitchen garden to make sure there are always edibles growing out there. (Although perhaps not in the orchard during winter. LOL)

  2. I tried to join forums yesterday, but never got my registration email. Should I just sit tight, or is there something I need to do? Cheers, Kelly

    1. As this is showing as an anonymous comment, I'm afraid there is very little I can do to help with your registration problem, sorry. Please visit the forums and follow the instructions and ensure you have completed the minimum information required. If you get n contact (use the contact details on main site, where everything is hosted, then I can check for you. Sorry I can't be any more help in this matter here but I do hope we can resolve the problem.


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