Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Chilly Weather But No Snow in Frugaldom.

1st December 2010

The past couple of days have been very cold but gloriously sunny. It's actually quite warm in the sunshine, so we've been sitting out at the back door for coffee breaks in between seeing to hens, ducks and quail.

Egg laying is on the increase, so I've been able to set aside a few extras for selling and also made the first batch of stove-top lemon curd. It's just cooling now. I've also popped two trays of muesli biscuits into the oven, so bring on the visitors - we have something to accompany the coffee. :)

Keeping the stove going is a daily chore, as is trying to keep a ready supply of dry  firewood. Chopping logs and splitting sticks is a very regular occurance here - we just can't get enough of the stuff. With temperatures not getting above freezing, most days, it's going to be great once the wet weather returns - NOT!

The plan to summarise the past year fell apart. It just seemed silly copying it all over here when it's already on the old website, so that time-wasting project has been called to a halt.
Off to check on the biscuits then make lunch; can't decide between soup and bread or eggs on toast. Such are the major decisions that have to be made in Frugaldom.


4 egg yolks (I use our own freerange hens' eggs)
150g sugar
100mls lemon juice (you can substitute this for lime juice or do half and half mixed)
70g butter (or margarine)

Beat the egg yolks and sugar together whilst gently warming the butter and lemon juice. Add the egg yolk/sugar mix to the pan and whisk together with the lemon and butter. Keep this on a low heat and whisk regularly until the mixture thickens to resemble custard. If you are cooking on a log burner, it's easier to take the pan off the heat to whisk it, otherwise cook slowly over a low heat. Do not allow the mix to boil.
Pour into a sterilised, pre-heated jar and leave to cool. Once set, keep it refrigerated.

Did you know there are NO EGGS in many of the cheap, mass produced lemon curds?

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