Sunday, 28 November 2010

What is microholding?


It's smallholding on a smaller scale and self-sufficiency in everything, including finances. It is also a miniscule holding company for all future investments pertaining to the frugal entrepreneur.
Microholding is the term I use to describe Frugaldom. It isn't a smallholding because it's too small and it isn't a proper holding company, because it has nothing much to hold.
We only have a garden, but it is the basis for a self sufficientish lifestyle. It offers essential growing and rearing space to provide us with edible produce, be it fruit, veg or eggs. Ideally, it could provide us with meat, but we haven't ventured within those realms. It provides us with a roof over our heads and a place from which to work and earn a living. So, if you ever fancied life as a smallholder but haven't the time, energy, health or wealth to do so, then will power and the ability to adapt one thing into another is all it takes to create your very own microholding.
There's no minimum investment and no minimum land mass requirement - a patio, balcony or, even, windowsills could provide you with the basis for your own microholding project, along with a comfy seat and a laptop, which can provide you with what's needed to conduct all your financial dealings.
"Micro," by definition, means very small or suitable for being operated and maintained by one person, so the prefix associated with holdings sounds apt to me. I have a micro-office from which to run my microholding company. But can I call it a company? Of course I can. It's an entity engaged in the commercial business of earning a living.
On the other side of this lifestyle coin is real money - the hard cash that we all need in order to survive within the realms of modern society, leading a normal life, paying bills, investing, saving for the future. In this respect, 'microholding' is about those small investments made in an attempt to grow and safeguard your own financial future. Think of it as planting and growing money trees. Your personal investments portfolio may be miniscule (or micro) to begin with - a mere handful of seeds - but it is yours, bought and paid for by you, designed to help provide for your future. It is your responsibility to ensure its safekeeping. Just like sowing the seeds that produce the food in your garden, you need to sow the seeds of individual investments, ensure they are provided with the best possible opportunities to germinate then carefully cultivate them to ensure their future productivity. Just putting food on the table isn't enough, we still need to think of the future.
In our present economic climate, during these times of what's being called, "austerity", we need to do more than just save a few pennies into the bank. Secure your own future, start your microholding now. Even £100 transferred to Premium Bonds is a start. It's for the longterm, afterall.

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  1. Great post - having a go, however small is of benefit for us all. Thanks!


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