Saturday, 21 November 2015

More Tree Planting at Frugaldom


In between the rain, the hail, the sleet and the snow, we finally got some blue sky and sunshine at Frugaldom, so it was all hands on deck to get more of our 'World War 1 Centenary Woodland' trees planted.

Frugaldom in November with snow on the Galloway Hills

We set off for Frugaldom this morning armed with wellies, gloves, hats and scarves after waking up to a frozen wonderland. Ice was thick after yesterday's rain, hail, sleet and snow but the sun soon thawed the frosted grass while salt melted the ice on the caravan decking. The visitors arrived around 10.30am, so the junior members were wrapped up like it was the middle of winter. Easier to peel off a layer when it warms up than it is to warm up while not wearing enough layers!

The Galloway Horse with snow on the Galloway Hills on the horizon

We've had more than a few worrying nights with gales howling over the past few weeks so it was great getting back out to site and finding 'The Galloway' still standing, safe and well, keeping his eye on the distant snow-topped Galloway Hills. Now that everything is dying back we should be able to get a little nit more of the garden around him done. Several of our members have sent off for their free Corn Poppy seeds from The Woodland Trust, so I think some of these will be sown around the horse. His bloodline, after all, ran through many of the horses shipped overseas during the War.

Snow on the Galloway Hills

A fine sprinkling of snow covering the hilltops on the horizon made for quite a few photo stops during today's planting, but it's such a great view and one that I hope will never change.

Tree planting at Frugaldom

Littlest tree planter seemed to spend much of her time attempting to make new paths through the grass in an effort to find short-cuts between planting areas and the wheelbarrow that held the trees, canes and tree guards… Read full post here

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