Friday, 20 November 2015

Frugaldom’s World War 1 Centenary Woodland

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World War 1 Centenary Woodland Project

Phase 3 of our planting began this month with the arrival of our next tree pack from the Woodland Trust, after being awarded a place in their World War 1 Centenary Woodland project last year.

Woodland Trust Tree Packs

Frugaldom was accepting onto this scheme last year, receiving our first tree pack for planting in November 2014. The planting is part of a nationwide project to plant millions of native trees throughout Britain and, thanks to generous funding from lead partners Sainsbury’s, IKEA FAMILY, players of People’s Postcode Lottery and Yorkshire Tea, the Woodland Trust is awarding the free tree packs to all those taking part in the planting. Trees are essential - we need trees!

The woodlands that these new trees create will become living memorials to commemorate all men, women, children and animals who were affected by the outbreak of the First World War. Here at Frugaldom, we hope to plant a new phase of our woodland every year from 2014 to 2019.

Edible hedge planting at Frugaldom

After starting our edible hedging last year with the hazels, sloes and elders, we have now filled in many of the gaps with crab apples to form a wild food foraging area near the barn. Pictured here is... read more here

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  1. Love the sculptures and the whole idea, fantastic and yes, the earth needs more trees. Will you be rabbit proofing your growing areas?

    1. The trees are staked and in spirals to help prevent the deer from eating them and we have very few rabbits, probably owing to the population of hares that are breeding all around the place. I'll definitely need to fence off the veg growing areas but so far, so good - they haven't touched the leeks, herbs or strawberries, nor have any of the new trees been touched. To be honest, the land is pretty sparse on the wildlife front at the moment, as there's so little tree shelter for them. Once we can sort out some decent growing spaces, we should eventually be able to get a proper polytunnel. In the meantime, I'm attempting to plant things they don't like and herbs that will deter the deer from the food-growing areas. :)

  2. This is magnificent! What amazing vision you have and how much you have accomplished so far...frugally!!
    I salute you and your amazing eco-artist.

    1. Thank you Chanterelle. There is an ecoarts blog at and I'm trying to get the blog up to date, so I'm off to upload today's progress, as we actually got a few hours of dry weather and got about another 200 trees planted.


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