Monday, 18 November 2013

Crispy Critturs - the next big thing?

The basis of this article that's buzzing around is absolute truth and I am following the story with great interest, mainly for the following reasons: 

  • I'm a fan of frugal living

  • I recycle everything I can

  • I am always interested in affordable protein sources

  • I keep poultry

  • I am an avid supporter of frugaleurs (frugal entrepreneurs)

Crispy Critturs - the next big thing?

… According to World Poultry, "For direct human consumption, insects are governed by novel food regulation in Europe, but the researchers say insects are unlikely to require pre-market safety assessment, as many non-EU countries have already demonstrated a history of safe use..." - See more here


  1. Replies
    1. I tend to agree, but we can bet our last penny that someone will jump at the opportunity now the EU is stating publicly that it's got the green light for future development.

    2. eeeh.. no..

      Just no.

      *hides under the blankets shivering at the thought*

    3. Sad, but true... the possibility has been unleashed and if Scotland ends up (by very far stretch of imagination) independent and out of the EU, this could well outrank the deep fried Mars Bar that continues to elude me.

  2. They're a delicacy in other parts of the world- I've seen on TV where they've made patties out of mosquitos and my Sainsburys at proper cochineal in stock the other day which is crushed beetles. So I guess we could all adapt.

    1. Yes, the bit about the cochineal is actually included in the post, along with other 'delicacies'. LOL

  3. Having travelled around China some years ago which was hard going and see what the people eat and having tried it, the thought was horrible but the tastes weren't bad, its the way its cooked, mostly bbq or deep fried, One meat is the same as another and whilst people are sniffy about horse meat, they eat it on the continent so why not here? It's a change in mindset.


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