Wednesday, 20 October 2010

As the day unfolds, it's number-crunching all the way!

I do have the much talked about 'Spending Review' on TV, but keep getting lost in the squabbles and grumbling. From what I understand, with my very limited knowledge of national economics, there's a huge debt hanging over our once-deemed 'great nation' and no simple way of paying that off without taking a long and hard look at the national budget.
Without getting into politics, I think it's pretty obvious that spending at the previous rates cannot be sustained unless the generated income can keep up with it. If it was a household budget, we'd be pulling our hair out by now. Housing, feeding and clothing the entire family (including pets & livestock) in a safe and healthy environment are our main concerns, ensuring that each of our human charges learns to carry out these basic skills in a law-abiding manner in order to perpetuate the process. If we can help support others around us, all the better. What, exactly, is so difficult about that?
Bad household budgeting is not so far removed from the political mess that now seems to be bogging down the entire country. The Government's duty should be to oversee the smooth, safe, secure and solvent running of our combined national needs, they SHOULD lead by example! They haven't!
So, what can we all do to help alleviate this massive financial burden that has engulfed us? For a start, we can keep our own households in order so that there's less reliance on the State. It's the only way the Government can provide us with a safe and healthy environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper. (Please note that my reference to less reliance on the State also encompasses the ludicrous sums of money claimed, rightly or wrongly, by those at the top.) Running up billions of pounds of debt whilst also bailing out institutions whose very nature should dictate that they know how to handle money has just gone too far. We, the non civil servants, are the private sector. We are being told that we are capable of creating our own jobs, so that is the best we can do. That's why I think the head of the household is the person who balances the books. If you can afford a house cleaner, window cleaner, gardener, nanny or any other help, you are helping to create and maintain jobs. If you can provide goods, skills or services of any desciption to others, you are helping to create and maintain jobs. If you can live within your means, regardless of how little or how much you have, you are helping to create and maintain jobs. There may be unemployment but there is no lack of opportunity - we just need to get creative about how we define the word, 'job'. If you want the good life, make that your job. Self sufficiency, nowadays, means providing for yourself (and others) in all necessities, including the money we spend. Self sufficiency is a job.
And on this note, I shall step off my recycled soap box and chop it up to use it for firewood. At worst, it will provide a temporary source of warmth and a means by which to cook a meal here in Frugaldom.
PS - If anyone would like to donate their old wooden soapboxes, please feel free to do so. As a member of GallowayLETS, I shall happily traded you some Crees, bater or exchange for some homemade soup.  :)
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