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How to join us as official Friends of Frugaldom

How to join us and become official 'Friends of Frugaldom'. Support this amazing outdoor project in Dumfries and Galloway, where we are attempting to combine nature and the environment with self-sustainability and the Arts.

The entire principle of Frugaldom is to pursue self-sustainability in an environmentally aware manner. After years of what many looked upon as extreme frugal living, we finally managed to save enough to buy some land from where we can base the Frugaldom Project. This is a place we want to share with you all, both online and in reality.

Joining us as official 'Friends of Frugaldom' offers a little bit more.

Friends of Frugaldom actively support this worthy project. Your contributions help plant more trees, sow seeds and improve the natural habitat, wetlands and grasslands that will, in turn, encourage more wildlife. In exchange for your support, you can follow progress and, if you choose, visit the site to experience it for yourself. You will be helping to drive this project forward and ensure its survival.

Whether you choose to use Frugaldom as a source of inspiration for writing, art, crafting or photography or view it simply as a symbol of the potential for self-sustainability, it is about true freedom - the freedom to aspire to be all you can be. You may want to plant a tree in the new woodland, sow some seeds, plant flowers in the Garden of Gratitude or go foraging for berries and fruit, or you may prefer to view from afar, knowing that every penny counts, just as every day counts in helping create Frugaldom. The riverbank needs protecting, the old dry stone walls need repairing, the ditches need clearing and the garden areas need tending. Help support the project in any way you can.


The websites, blogs, forums, chat room and, indeed, the entire Frugaldom Project is financed privately but all are free for you to use. We are not a charity, nor do we have financial backing by way of loans, grants or Government payments. We are simply frugal living enthusiasts who were fortunate enough to happen upon this wonderful opportunity to create something great that can live on forever. (We can accept
voluntary contributions if you would prefer not to join as an official Friend of Frugaldom.)

We firmly believe that we can create a great outdoor project on a frugal budget, but it all takes time, effort and the support of as many friends as we can muster. We are prepared to put all of these ingredients into making this dream a reality. Join us on our journey, as 'Friends of Frugaldom' from as little as £5 per month.

Frugaldom outdoor project is about freedom, creativity, heritage, nature and the environment. The land itself was previously clear felled, so this needs to be tended and brought back into use as pasture, preferably with a wild flower meadow and native hedgerow that includes hawthorn, holly, dog rose, elder, hazel and blackthorn (sloe). Our hedging will, in years to come, provide for foraging fruit, nuts and berries, while also encouraging wildlife back into this little corner of south west Scotland.

Planting of the new woodlands began in November 2014, the Centenary of World War 1, when we were awarded our first tree pack from The Woodland Trust. We are honoured to have been given the opportunity to take part in creating a living memorial, commemorating the lives of those lost in the fight to defend our freedom. Our World War 1 Centenary Woodland will be entering its 4th phase of planting in March 2016.

We have introduced a 'sponsor a tree' option, along with the opportunity to 'tag a post' on the main corral, or paddock, at Frugaldom. Each area will be fenced in locally sourced larch wood, rather than wire, so tagging a post helps cover our costs and provides an unusual way of showing your added support.

We will be developing the swathes of bog myrtle, encouraging the sphagnum mosses, cultivating the existing fruit trees and expanding on the willow beds by planting fast-growing varieties that can be harvested as weaving materials for willow sculptures, hurdles, basketry and sustainable biofuel.

We aspire to become a zero waste enterprise, very much focussing on the reduce, reuse, recycle ethos, but we need your help to turn this little wilderness into a wonderland. Water is harvested from the barn roof, power is generated from portable solar and nothing is being willfully wasted.

Welcome to Frugaldom
The Frugaldom Project

Based in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway, our heritage project is also something that should interest many who visit us in the future. Stretching back several hundred years, it traces the history of modern day Thoroughbreds to the very roots of their racing origins - the Galloways. These little horses roamed the Galloway hills and lowlands before being dispersed throughout the world to become the progenitors of many of today's finest racehorses.

Our plans to celebrate Galloway's rich heritage include an eco arts sculpture park set within a 'Garden of Gratitude'. As part of this project, we are now ready to begin planting a small orchard of Galloway Pippins, a dual purpose apple tree first recorded in 1871 in nearby Wigtown, Scotland's national book town.

Friends of Frugaldom can benefit from discounted frugal breaks, as we now have our own holiday accommodation nearby, offering you the chance to escape to the country and experience Frugaldom for yourself.

Please feel free to join us in the frugal forums to follow the progress of the project - you may even like to learn a little bit more about frugal living and the many money saving challenges we set ourselves.

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