Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Great 2012 Frugaldom Financial Challenge

Join us in the great 2012 Frugaldom Challenge.
Money saving, cost cutting and frugal living.

Knowing your bottom line while living and working within your means is a great lifestyle. It enables you to pursue the lifestyle you choose at a price that's affordable to both you and your business. Set your sites on making 2012 more affordable.

Beat any recession by knowing your bottom line, both in the home and at work. The cost of living is one thing, but few ever stop to consider the cost of working, financial or otherwise.

Set your budget based on what you already know and join us in the great Frugaldom Challenge in 2012.

Frugaldom - Kingdom of the Frugal Entrepreneur! It is NYK Media's free forum for frugal living, self-sufficient(ish) microholding and moneysaving in all things. It is home to the great 2012 Frugaldom Challenge.

We have been running these challenges online for the past five years, encouraging small businesses and individuals from throughout the UK and overseas to pursue their dreams of living and working within a debt free environment, striving for a better, happier life.

By analysing all our costs, prioritising all our needs over wants and focussing our attention on how we, as real people, can adapt to what many call frugal living (and working), it is possible to free up precious time that can be spent elsewhere, be it with family and friends, pursuing hobbies you may never have imagined possible or exploring the realities of world travel.

Naturally, it follows on that this challenge will also free up much-needed cash that can be spent elsewhere.

Regardless of your current financial situation, it is always possible to improve upon it. Perhaps you have been burdened with debts or have had to face the prospect of bankruptcy, or maybe you are unable to pursue a fulltime career because of family committments, health issues or other circumstances beyond your control. There are countless reasons for finding yourself in a financially precarious situation, but there are always escape routes. We simply need to know where to look.

By joining us in the 2012 Frugaldom Challenge, you will be joining like-minded individuals currently engaged in many different real-life situations.

We have maintained a very dedicated following, each with their own story to tell, but now the time has come to spread our wings and encourage many more to pursue their dream of a better life.

Businesses opportunities have been created from home, debts have been cleared, health and fitness issues overcome, mortgages paid off in full, houses bought for cash and even the dream of owning a racehorse has been realised.

Frugal living and working may not be for everyone but for many it is their lifeline to future security and happiness.

Knowing that all important bottom line and then designing a new lifestyle around it is what can make dreams come true.

NYK Media has created a landscape of opportunity into which anyone can venture, where like-minded others go about their daily lives, sharing their trials and tribulations, supporting their fellow Frugaldom challengers and sharing an enormous amount of information, help and companionship.

This is a completely free forum with an accompanying blog where anyone can participate at whatever level they feel most comfortable. It can be as anonymous as you want, with no need to divulge personal details. All that you require is a username and the will to succeed.

Make 2012 your year. With 366 days, there's plenty of time to leap at the chance of taking charge of your finances in a way that will reap you longterm benefits.

NYK Media invites you to take this free opportunity to become part of a great community.

Join us now at http://www.frugaldom.com/

NYK Media

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