Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Frugalcat's First Christmas Tree


A festive, frugal update.

Today, the Christmas tree went up - better late than never. It was a lovely surprise seeing it all lit up when I got back from town, all coloured lights and twinkly tinsel shining through the window. It's a very frugal tree, a locally grown spruce freshly cut from a fellow LETS member's forest at the *Doon of May. The barter cost equated to 2 jars of lemon curd and a dozen eggs. It's traditionally decorated, as this frugaler has used the same box of decorations for years. There's only one thing missing now... I need to make 'edible tinsel' to string along the hedge for the wildbirds. I suspect there will be corn popping and nut cracking in Frugaldom soon.

Regular readers will know that Frugaldom became home to a kitten during the summer. Frugalcat is now 6 months old and still very playful and cheeky, so she's had a great time exploring the tree and testing all the decorations. I'm guessing there will be plenty of opportunity for playing catch and retrieve with the rolling Christmas baubles that have already been flicked off the branches. Redecorating the tree looks to be a daily exercise for the next couple of weeks. Silly cat has already got one of her presents - a kitty stocking from next door neighbours - and has her new toys all over the house.

*Doon of May is where we're preparing to set up the Galloway LETS' food growers and producers group by way of a landsharing project in 2011. News will be available via Channel 4's Landshare website soon.

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