Friday, 17 December 2010

10 Frugal Things to Do This Weekend

Phil the Pig
It's the final countdown! Only one week to go until the festivities begin, culminating in the hogmanay celebrations that will herald in the beginning of the 2011 Frugal Challenge.
Loads to do this weekend, making, baking, counting, wrapping, attempting to be prepared... especially if parcels need posting out on Monday! Here's hoping the weather doesn't delay any important deliveries.

So what are we doing in Frugaldom this weekend? I've made a short list of things to keep me busy once the feathered friends have been attended to and eggs collected


Cash Cow

1) Make shortbread

2) Make chocolate marzipans

3) Make lemon curd

4) Make snowman soup packs

5) Make a clootie dumpling (recipe here)

6) Make chocolate truffles

7) Count out the £2 coins you've been saving all year

8) Empty the papier mache banks you've been filling with spare change all year

9) Wrap presents

10) Clean kitchen - it's a bombsite after the weekend cookathon

I'm not very focussed when it comes to following lists, I prefer writing them, so there may be a few updates over the weekend, appealing for help when the shortbread burns, the marzipan gets stuck to the rolling pin and the chocolate for the truffles goes lumpy.

Watch out Twitter - that's where I get the quickest response if there's nobody about on the Frugaldom Forums.

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