Friday, 1 November 2013

Sample Frugal Food and Fun for Less than a Fiver! Limited Offer, Free UK Delivery

We’ve done it!

Frugal Cards about Frugal Recipes and Frugal Fun

As part of our ‘Novus Frugalus’ money challenge in the frugal forums, I have teamed up with the Deki Tenner Tournament to help raise funds for frugal entrepreneurs (frugaleurs, to you and me) on a global scale.

Every year we run money challenges involving cottage crafts and working from home for our frugal entrepreneurs. It’s usually in November, as this allows us to start preparing for Christmas while hand-making gifts for friends and family. November is also the month during which Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place, so it’s a good month to begin any new enterprise.

We’ve now launched the first ever set of Frugaldom Food and Fun Card Sets to include a special, introductory fridge magnet showing Murray, our flying pig. All this and free delivery within UK for well under a fiver!

These frugaldom sets are a basic ‘how to…’ about frugal living, with this first set including recipes and tips about how to make soup, assorted cookies, lemon curd, traditional Scottish clootie dumpling, shortbread, micro-meringues and even a fabulous, fun activity that all the family can enjoy…

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  1. Good luck with it all! Just getting back to reality and catching up! xx

    1. Thank you. :) Hopefully it will raise a few pounds this month and be worthy of pursuing further.


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