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Eddie  Elwood shocks the nation by revealing that, despite what they say, most women  actually do  WANT TO SHOP!

"...Shopping is a bloodsport with the best designer labels, at the best discounted prices, fast becoming the prize kill. I defy you to prove me wrong."

In a recent survey, three out of three women questioned agreed that shopping of any description was not their most pleasant experience. This was especially so when dragging screaming children around, or when being woefully followed by an unwilling partner with whom they could share little (or no) enthusiasm for the 'sport'.

But surprisingly, when asked, given guilt-free, limitless time and limitless money, would they really want to shop, 100% agreed, wholeheartedly, that they would! Not only that, they unanimously agreed that the mere prospect of it completely enthralled them! The only problem they could foresee was the fact that, in most cases, it is almost impossible to participate in this sport to any great degree of satisfaction.


Well, when both time and money did permit, they still could never find exactly what they wanted!

How often have you set aside enough time and money to relax and enjoy shopping? Shopping of any description is fast becoming a nightmarish chore! It's because of the choices we have to make these days
and therein lies the major problem - too much choice!

Shopping could easily become a wonderfully fulfilling, fulltime occupation - if someone was daft enough to pay us to shop wherever, whenever and for whatever we wanted, but let's get real... that is NEVER going to happen! Instead, we can opt for a busy trawl through shops stuffed with different similarities and similar differences or we can sign online, head for the search engines, key in our wants and voila! Home delivery at
our fingertips. (Don't forget to register for Topcashback - it helps you cream off a percentage of your spends without it showing in the bank or credit card statements!)

Okay, so it isn't that simple, because there are literally thousands of websites and we don't all have hours to surf, browse, select, crash, swear, reboot, relocate the site and start again. Online shopping could be voted as the cruelest sport, or it could be nominated an Oscar for worst movie ever made! But it's still the best thing since sliced bread, in my opinion.

We love it and we won't let it go! But I still have trouble finding exactly what I'm looking for, at exactly the kind of price I'm prepared to pay.

Shopping is a bloodsport with the best designer labels at the best discounted prices fast becoming the prize kill. I defy you to prove me wrong!

Special Note from Eddie to Shona:

Dear Shona,

You need the SUPERMODEL TUMMY TRIMMER  for only £3.24 right now!


(Dons crash helmet and runs off very quickly to hide inside a disused bomb shelter!)

Eddie's Handy Notes:

Grabitnow offers one new deal everyday at a crazy low price! The deal changes at midnight every day and a new offer is made available. With such great bargains on offer, you need to grab them quickly, as the deal may sell out at anytime, and there is no opportunity to go back and buy previous deals. Grabitnow aims to save you £££'s off the high street and retailers prices on everyday goods for your home and garden, electronics, gadgets, toys and games and even branded items.

Eddie observations, hints and tips:
  1. Shoe shopping is VERY addictive!!!!
  2. Very few women buy themselves perfume, erotic lingerie, fancy boxes of chocolates, expensive jewellery or bouquets of flowers, hence the reason they all qualify as top 'guilt-trip' gifts from men.
  3. It does appear to be true that women can never have too many shoes so, next time you want to impress her, take her to the best footwear retailer you can find and set her free with a huge budget.
  4. Many women carry their lives in their handbags, therefore, a really good handbag is a definite MUST HAVE.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, women can control their spending. It's most men who fail to see the importance of frugal housekeeping. Anyone whose top priority is satellite television needs their head looked at, so get your priorities right... some domestic help would be far more beneficial!
  6. To really impress the woman in your life, provide her with sufficient 'housekeeping' to encourage investment of the surplus. (Even if it is invested in a pair of designer jeans!)
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Not quite politically correct, but who cares? Saltire satire at it's best - coming to a screen near you, SOON!


  1. point 5 is soooooooo true!

  2. LOL I think I'd like No. 6 best - surplus to requirement housekeeping, sufficient to squirrel some away. Several people I know opted for this - frugal on the grocery shopping, save the extras, pay someone else to do the ironing while their hubbies' are at work! LOL


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