Saturday, 4 April 2015

*Tag a Post for £10 at Frugaldom*

Wooden post and rail fence

Take this unique opportunity to add your name to a very special project, known as Frugaldom

Frugaldom is in the early stages of development,  with this little piece of Scottish wilderness just having found its way to us in July 2014. Since then, we have received over 1000 young trees and many thousands of seeds from the Woodland Trust, the Grow Wild UK project and our own frugal forum members. Now we are fund raising to replace old posts with new and define individual elements of the project. This is what we call the corral - photo shows it nearing completion on Saturday 4th April 2015 (Easter weekend.)

Frugaldom is a privately funded project. It is neither a recognised organisation nor a registered charity. The project is being run by NYK Media with the support and good will of fellow members of the free to join online community of frugal living enthusiasts.


It literally means we are going to tag our fence posts with 30mm, individually engraved, metallic discs. Anyone can pledge their support for this project.

For individuals, the tag may be a dedication to a loved one, a commemoration to a cherished pet, a token of your  personal support, a gift, or even just to leave your mark on this little piece of history that's being created in southwest Scotland, for the benefit of all who care to see it.

For businesses, it is a tiny bit of affordable marketing, as we will feature all tags on our web site and social media. These tags can be engraved with your company name and telephone number.


A very affordable fee of only £10 per tag has been set, based on the cost of fence posts, the tags themselves, the engraving, postage (no pun intended) and fixing.

As Frugaldom is as much about nature as it is about simple, self-sustainable living and working, we had to analyse the long term costs, durability and safety of the corral fence. For these reasons, we opted for extra strong, 4" x 4" posts and heavy duty, 3" x 2" rails.


You can opt to 'buy now' via PayPal or else see our contact page for where to send cheques, made payable to 'NYK Media', who is organising this event.

*Tag a Post at Frugaldom* – visit the Frugal Shop to find the buy now option.

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