Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Frugal Grocery Shopping

Many of our UK readers may have seen the company 'Approved Food' pitch to potential investors on popular TV series, 'Dragon's Den' and, for many viewers, this could have been the first time they had ever been made aware of the existence of such a company. However...

For the money savvy shoppers who have followed our frugal living challenges since the beginning, you will have become familiar with such cheap food supplies, having seen the rise and fall of several over the past five or more years.

NYK Media and Frugaldom have been supporting Approved Foods since 2009, so it is easy to see how much money has been saved during that time. None of the items are past sell by or unfit for consumption but many have passed their 'best before' dates for quality control. However, it is safe to say that most dried, canned or pickled foods have indefinite shelf lives if kept properly and some things, like honey, can last a lifetime.

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