Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Frugaldom Project


The latest Frugaldom Project officially came into being on 8th July, 2014. This can be thought of as a 'members go free' virtual eco tour where you can experience Frugaldom for yourself, watch it develop from it's absolute beginnings and contribute or take part whenever you like.

Frugaldom is also in the process of becoming a self-sustainable land project in southwest Scotland, where we are creating a foraging woodland, willow plantation, allotment style food and herb growing project, marshland gardens, wildlife habitats & outdoor eco art exhibition with open access - it is frugal freedom for all to enjoy!


Read all about the new Frugaldom Project HERE and then decide how best you can make the most of being a part of this fabulous opportunity to enjoy frugal freedom for yourself, as part of our virtual community.

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