Sunday, 6 July 2014

Growing Blackcurrants


Welcome to July and the second half of 2014. Here in Frugaldom, we are about to make some major changes and want you all to be a part of them. First, I need to harvest this year's blackcurrants and it's looking like a bumper crop!

The blackcurrant is a woody shrub grown for its berries. It is a hardy species, well-suited to Frugaldom and, indeed, any frugal garden, as it is fairly fast growing, prolific and easy to cultivate from cuttings. This is my blackcurrant patch in the Thrift Cottage garden - all grown from my original Connan bushes.

With a brand new project about to be launched, growing blackcurrants is looking even more exciting than previous years.

Growing Blackcurrants, continues here…


  1. lucky you the birds got most of my blackcurrants, picked the remains today in the wonderful sun here in Derbyshire.No jam this year. good as it is housing wildlife its a pain not being able to get on. I am being kept out of my toolshed by a wasp nest. no gardening for me at mo.

  2. Our one bush is bug infested, all it's leaves full of holes. The fruit cage is going to get a big overhaul this year as everything is growing inside everything else!


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