Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Foraging for Free Food from the Garden

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Frugal Blog - Foraging for Free Food from the Garden

Frugal living, as a lifestyle, comes as second nature to those of us who have followed the path for some time. The debt free good life was one I aspired to for many years and it took many more to achieve it, but we still are nowhere near self-sufficient. So this got me thinking seriously about 'what if we had absolutely no money?’

150414 (2)Could we rustle up a meal from the Frugaldom garden?

Don't panic! We don't eat any of our own livestock, they are kept more like pets! But we still need to feed them and they still need to contribute to the overall 'welfare' of the microholding project.

Octavius and Septimus help manure the fruit beds, dig holes and eat grass. They also love raspberry leaves! But that doesn't feed us!

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  1. Love your foraged meal!! Great post NYK.

    Looking forward to following your egg hatchlings :)

    Have a great holiday dear lady. Take care. I hope you get some sun! :) xx

  2. I wondered about that a few years back, thats why I now keep a VERY deep pantry and preserve so much. As I think a time may come when we have to be more local and sufficient. Mo x


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