Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bagging Trig Points | Walking for Fun and Fitness


Scottish Multimedia | Walking for Fun and Fitness

A walk up the Barr Hill to take in the views of Luce Bay, Mull of Galloway, Isle of Man and the Galloway Hills. I seriously think this is the best day we have had this year despite the morning’s rain and low cloud lingering until mid-afternoon.

It has turned into a beautiful evening! Read more…


  1. Beautiful day and beautiful views.

  2. One day soon, I'll walk up that hill with you. Lovely views and a lovely day too.

  3. Beautiful views you have NYK, and great photos! Thanks give sharing with us. How on earth did you manage to get so close to that bunny? Lol

    If anyone can get fit and lose a bit of weight in that time then you can!
    Have a great week dear lady. Rw xx


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