Saturday, 15 March 2014

If You Don't Fancy my £1 per Person per Day Food Challenge...

Try Frugal Queen's £40 for a Family of 4.

Frugal Queen emailed me her meal plan that accompanies her 'Feed a Family for £40' posts, so I thought I would share her news here, just in case any of you missed it, but can make use of it. I have no way of doing such plans as we are completely different types of frugalers. Our local village store simply doesn't stock the variety of foods many of you are used to being able to buy.

Here in Frugaldom we have no easy access to supermarket and the like, but I still follow my £1 per person per day for all meals budget. I have to point out that I have had many years of practice at this and we do live entirely different lifestyles from those of you who have 'normal' jobs, guaranteed salaries and access to shops and/or home delivery by supermarkets.

Pop over and have a look, I'm sure Frugal Queen will be pleased to see you. Tell her Frugaldom sent you. :) While there, you might like to vote for her blog in the MADS. I'm afraid I rejected my nominations, but I do fully appreciate the fact that some of you did take the time to nominate Frugal Blog.

Frugal Queen: Feed a family of four for £40

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