Monday, 20 January 2014

Frugal List-Making and Journal-Keeping

Keeping Track to Save Losing Focus of Frugality

I need to work to lists and keep notes on almost everything - it's the only way I can remember everything and show any semblance of organisational skills. Most would call me scatter-brained, if I'm honest! My websites, message boards, forums and blogs became my money saving, frugal living journals and yet I still wander off track if I don't write things down!
This is my homemade kitchen chalk board - I'm going to try and shame myself into working through the items by posting the list here to see how long it actually takes me to complete it. I also use this one for messages, like what's needed from the shop during the next visit but also as a way of considering how to make whatever rather than buy it.
Today's lists between here, the pin board and my notes:
Making laundry liquid on stovetop
Washing up liquid
Laundry detergent
Pouffe/footstool/ottoman for sitting room
Make firelighters
Bake biscuits
Sort out boxes of old paperwork
Make a pouffe/stool/ottoman
Paint the living room
Pick and pickle beetroot
Redesign the kitchen
Nothing too complicated that I can see, but time-consuming while fitting it around home-based income generation, general housekeeping, fire-stoking and keeping up with all the reading I need to do just to keep on top of the Frugaldom forums and challenges. I'm going to see how many of these items can be ticked off this list by tonight; I have already deleted the ones that are already done.
Does anyone else make regular lists? They're almost as addictive as number-crunching or my spreadsheet in this household.
NYK, Frugaldom


  1. I do lists. Lists of things to do, things for others to do and things to buy next time we are there etc - my only problem is I forget to take the damn thing with me :(

    1. I tend to do that when I suddenly find myself with the opportunity to visit a supermarket! The list is always on the board or on the computer, seldom in my purse. Probably just as well I'm not a regular shopper o I'd be clocking up miles going back and forth to get what I forget each time. :)

  2. We make a to do list every day, it is the only way we remember to do things. Also DB, has a reminder of anything else set up on his computer!

    1. I still haven't worked out how to set up reminders on the iPod. I managed it once but forgot to switch the thing on, so gave up on that. :)

  3. I LOVE lists. I write things down that I've already done so I can cross them off straight away!

    1. Have to admit to adding things on to lists to remind myself they have been done, too! LOL

  4. I am an organised person I have lists for everything shopping, exercise, things to do you name I love lists:)

    1. Must be something many of us have in common. :)

  5. I love lists, but often lose them as I am not that organised! You mentionedthe Co-op was a 20 mile round trip. Was judt curious as to how far you need to go to your Dr.? I have asthma and couldn't manage to bike that far if I was ill with breathing problems...we have neither taxis nor busses here.

    1. There's a GP surgery on the edge of the village about 3 miles from here. No taxis or buses here either and last emergency casualty I saw here was air-lifted to hospital.


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