Monday, 28 October 2013

These Cheap Boots were made for Frugal Walking

A photo diary about walking and frugal footwear!


Farewell to my faithful, frugal foot-friends!

My annual challenge budget for clothing and footwear normally comes in at under the £100 mark and this needs to include everything, so it helps to know where savings can be made when footwear is important.

This fun and photo-filled blog post is the tale of my old boots and the many miles they have trudged over the past year, showing without a shadow of a doubt that you can, indeed, get plenty of mileage from just a few pounds. In fact, looking back at this, I think I should award ‘Regatta Outlet’ the Frugaldom badge of excellence.

This is not a sponsored post, this is simply a look back over how well my frugal footwear has served me and I hope that it helps others in making decisions about taking up walking as a hobby rather than sitting it out because you don’t have the right shoes or boots.

Click here to read more and see what I think is an amazing little photo album


  1. Yes it is an amazing photo album! Nice post. I have expensive boots and cheaper ones. I love both! Not sure I would pay out for expensive ones again though after the ones I have are worn out...... I think the cheaper ones are just as good to be honest..

    Happy walking with your new boots NYK.

    1. Thanks, RW, I just reckon that we pay for what we can afford and had decided that if I liked it enough to even contemplate walking up any mountains, then I'd invest in a more substantial pair of boots. I'm not a regular hiker or hill-walker by any means but when I looked at the prices of the 'big' names in hiking boots, I could have bought 10 pairs of mine for less, in some cases. LOL I wonder if the expensive ones last longer than 10 years when being used for the same mileage and workload I gave my cheap ones?

  2. The pictures are amazing no wonder you've worn them out....can't imagine you in anything pink!!!

    1. Surprisingly, I do wear pink and have even been known to paint my nails the same colour! How shocking is that? LOL The new boots aren't actually pink, they're just highlighted in pinky purple where the old ones were turquoise. I couldn't find any identical to the old ones, otherwise I'd have bought them.


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