Monday, 21 October 2013

Addressing the Speaker of the House on the Subject of Small Gadgets.

Here in Frugaldom, I am forever trying to source great gadgets that can be relied upon in emergencies, but equally put to good use during normal, day-to-day life. We seem to have to deal with power cuts on a fairly regular basis, so anything electricity free is a good start.

The first handy gadget I encountered this year was, of course, my Ventus Twister - the foot pedal operated mini washer and spinner that allows you to do laundry without needing to plug into an electricity source. (Half price offer still stands if you use the code word 'laundry' at checkout when buying via the store. (See this post for details of our recent competition.)

But what about this for a handy wee gadget?

It's a tiny speaker, a mini boom box, if you like, complete with built-in FM radio, micro-card reader, flashy twinkling light display and a fully integrated battery, recharged via USB to computer or electrical adapter (also available from Ventus). It has a tiny, retractable aerial to help with radio tuning, with a booster available by way of plugging in a short cable, if necessary. (Special £5.00 off voucher code included later in this post .)

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