Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Being Frugal on Facebook

Helping to Spread the Word that Frugal Living is Good Living

 Summer has arrived in Frugaldom with the sun blazing, the thermometer on the patio hitting 30 degrees and everything in the garden barring the weeds wilting under the blaze. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the frugal poly tunnel and making the most of whatever time I can get in the little greenhouse. But in this heat, I'm not in there for very long.

Fly net has been hung across the back door to the house so the door can lie open to let in what little breeze there is, but the new insulation in the kitchen roof I doing a grand job of holding in the heat - the down side of packing your home full of insulation without thinking seriously about lack of airflow during heat wave conditions.

The frugaldom household faces east, so it's relatively cool at the front of the house where 'office corner' is currently located. Sitting at the computer is a quick reprieve from being scorched outdoors. How luck are we who can work from home and suit ourselves when, where and for how much? It's one of the things I love about frugal living and creating your own microholding.

Oops, I've waffled again... the gist of this supposed-to-be-brief post is that there will now be several daily updates and plenty of photographs posted onto NYK's newly transformed 'Frugaldom' page on Facebook. (www.facebook.com/NYKMedia) This is your invite to come and visit the page, hit the 'like' button and then 'share' it with your friends.

Looking forward to seeing you all there soon. I'm now going to pop out and pick a few more strawberries before checking on today's fun and frugal experiment. :)


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