Monday, 10 December 2012

Secret Santa's Frugal Treasure Trove

The Great Secret (Santa) Uncovered!

At last! The time has finally arrived for me to reveal my Secret Santa gift that I received from Frugal Queen, my partnered 'opponent' in the MoneySupermarket Secret Santa Challenge. Yeah! :)

I've already explained how it all worked, so I'll just get right to it and show off my treasure trove of goodies received in the bloggers' gift exchange.

Keep in mind that my 2013 challenges involve a bit of frugal entrepreneurialism, so I have been fairly busy preparing to set up my own little frugal cottage industry from home. This, of course, involves Clan McGonk.

This is my "new" cottage craft stockroom. It was part of some office furniture I bought secondhand about 5 years ago and it's stood up well to three hash-bash housemoves. It seemed the ideal 'storage facility' to haul into the livingroom when the secret Santa gifts arrived. It has another two lower sections, but these are crammed full of recycled packaging materials - it's perfect for my purpose.

But let's take a closer look...
This frugal 'stockroom' was empty until last week! Even the big red heart decoration wasn't part of the Frugaldom decor until the place got 'love-bombed' and Secret Santa arrived on my doorstep! I had visitors in for lunch when the postman arrived that day, so it really did feel like Christmas had come early.

First up is my Room #1 of the unit. This has become home to ribbons, edgings, bindings, cutting tools, knitting needles and crochet hooks. Until recently, I didn't even own a crochet hook!

Room #2 is the safe haven for newly emerging McGonks, as per the top photo, so let's move on to Room #3. This has been turned over to a fantastic collection of threads, pom poms, googly eyes, tissue paper and all manner of buttons and bows. It really is a treasure trove and I can think of one little girl (my 8 year-old grandaughter) who is going to love visiting this. Frugal readers, I am delighted to announce that I have a mini-frugaler in the making who already attends sewing and crafting lessons and who has asked Santa for her very first sewing machine. This mini-frugaler in the family also enjoys recycling and scolds her mum if a tin can accidentally gets put in the wrong bin! (Proud - but very, very young - grannie moment!)

Room #4
This felt and fabric has all been received over the past week by way of Frugal Queen's 'love bomb'. As you can cleary see, it's a bountiful supply of oddments and offcuts of all colours and descriptions, but more exciting than that, it includes tartans and tweeds! These are essential for Clan McGonk, as many of them set off on their adventures wearing bonnie Tam o'Shanter hats or, in the case of the lady McGonks, little mop-caps.

Room #5

Look at this lovely selection of wools and embroidery threads! And as if that wasn't enough, there's even an embroidery hoop. Now I know for a fact that Frugal Queen could have had absolutely no way of knowing that I was always given top marks in class over 30 years ago for my stitching work, so this gift alone was fantastic to receive!

Room #6
Finally, to complete this exciting guided tour of what Secret Santa brought to Frugaldom, the jewel in the crown, the pièce de résistance... the fur and the stuffing!
Surprising as this may seem, I was over the moon to discover such treasure stashed in Secret Santa's sack! What frugal girl in her right mind could possibly resist some faux fur? (Especially when she is planning to buld a frugal little empire based on furry little Scottish critturs known as Clan McGonk?)

Call me old-fashioned, frugal, thrifty or any other name you can think of to describe those of us who love the whole 'make do and mend' ethos or who adore recycling one thing into another, but I see the above as a veritable treasure trove. Indeed, it may well become the cornerstone of a frugal, micro-business empire and, rest assured, those who helped support such an enterprise won't be forgotten. I LOVE MY SECRET SANTA GIFTS!

Hopefully, Frugal Queen will receive her gift within the next couple of days. It's on its way to Cornwall now, so shouldn't take too long - although it did get sent as an 'economy parcel' delivery. If the other 'Froogs' is as delighted with her Secret Santa gift as I have been with mine, the word will certainly have two very happy frugalers.

Best wishes,

Frugaldom and all the little McGonks xxx


  1. I am so so happy that the love bomb went off in your street and so so happy that you like your secret santa gift. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I really hope that this year is the year your business takes off xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. please email me your address, i have some stuff for you

    ang [at] revbob [dot] org

  3. that looks a very healthy stock of goodies,you must be itching to get Christams over with so you can start production! Wishing you much success in all you do, and lovely that your granddaughter will be joining in the crafting hugs Vix


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