Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking Forward to 2013, plus some interesting old links.

Frugaldom's Final Blog of 2012


Let's hope the view from Chilcarroch standing stones doesn't change forever over the next year. It really would be a shame to see a wind farm going through it but who are we to halt what our Government considers to be the winds of change?
A final fling from Frugaldom in 2012... before the start of the great challenges of 2013 are upon us!
It's about six hours until the start of the 2013 Challenges, so here are the new links to the main ones we have listed, for anyone who cares to take part:
For all the individual challenges, you can browse the following sections of the forums:
Anyone is free to join any of the challenges at any time and, with over 15,000 previous posts to read, there's plenty to keep you busy while we await the 2013 lists being populated. You may need to register (FREE) in order to read everything but it's the only way we can exercise any sort of control over scammers and spammers.
Having had a look around while trying to summarise my past few years of frugal living, I located a link to June 2008, when I first added the Frugal Living message boards to the website. Hope nobody minds if I list it here for ease of access at any given time. It's from three houses ago and handy for looking back over various prices, budgets and events that occured during that time. Apologies for any dormant links if anyone happens to take a look back at our past endevours.
After a bit more 'web tidying', I came across some of the  2005/2006 messageboards that are still listed online, so I have taken the liberty of adding a link to them here, too. These 'historical hystericals', as I like to call them, can help highlight the major changes that have occured over the years, as well as remind us of some seriously funny (verging on ridiculous) situations. Looking back on this particular challenge, however, I am almost tempted into resurrecting it.
Anyhow, I won't babble on, as it's Hogmanay. I hope you have all had a great year and that 2013 will bring everything you hope and dream of, without breaking the bank.
Live long and prosper, as they say, but prosperity doesn't need to be about cash in the bank. Kill the debts and the savings will follow and remember the Frugaldom motto:
'The less I spend, the more I can afford'.
Until next year,


  1. Happy New Year! Started reading your blog recently and find it very interesting and helpful.
    All the best for 2013.

    Lesley H in Livingston, West Lothian.

  2. 'The less I spend, the more I can afford'.

    Love this motto,


  3. Two things I do - I put bubble wrap up at my bedroom and bathroom windows - just spray window with water and lay the bubble wrap on, it sort of sticks; in the Spring I just remove.
    I also put a fairly thick layer of newspaper between my mattress and box spring with clean paper on both sides, supposed to insulate better I dont know if it saves any money.
    If you can get hold of any cashmere in the charity shops grab it and I wear a very tightly fitting silk long sleeved tee next to my skin. Draught excluders and plastic film over the windows downstairs dried with a hairdryer so that it is taut.

    1. I've now bubblewrapped the glass in the front door, fanlights and the two attic windows to see if it helps cut down on heat loss. I'll let you know if there's any slight difference in costs for heating over the coming weeks. :)

  4. Happy new year to all and thank you for taking the time to comment. You're welcome to join on or simply follow for the ride during 2013. :)

  5. looking forward in so many ways especially to following your blog and joinng in with the challenge! thanks to Froogs for introducing me to you, I love your blog, it really inspires me. Its so good to have people on the same wavelength as I am mostly housebound looking after my hubby and my online friends keep me going, one step at a time. I found a 5p piece int he street the other day and am keeping it as a good luck charm! Every 5p makes a difference xx


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