Sunday, 5 February 2012

Porridge For Breakfast - Less Than 10p per Serving

9p Porridge - What a Bargain!

Following on from my previous post that breaks down the cost of porridge, I noticed a flaw in the figures! Shame on me! The actual cost of each serving made here in Frugaldom should be ONLY 9p!

If, like me, you are paying £1 per kilo for porridge oats and cooking them in the microwave, then the following should be true:

1 scoop (50g) porridge oats - 5p

Pinch of salt - included in cost of sugar, as the number is too small

2.5 scoops tap water

6 minutes in a 700w microwave on full power - 1p (based o 14p per kWh)

Sprinkle of sugar (89p per kilo) - less than a penny, let's call it 1p to include the salt

Milk (49p per litre) - 2p

Total for one serving of porridge is approximately 9p

The  reduced price reflects the difference between buying expensive, well known brands of porridge oats and the more cost effective stores' own bags of oats. I always use the bags, as they are so much cheaper than the boxes.

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  1. Interesting! Makes me think about mine - I use half a teacup of oats to a cup of water and cook for 2 and a half minutes in a 800w microwave. No milk in mine either, but perhaps a touch more sugar! A good cheap and filling breakfast, which I have at least 6 days a week.

  2. We do use milk so really extravagant.

    Sft x

  3. Interesting, I buy my oats from Tesco for 75p a kilo, make porridge for 2 every morning winter and summer alike, I soak the oats over night in the porringer and cook it in water. OH has his with salt, I have mine with sugar and just a dash of milk. Lovely.

  4. OH I do like my porridge, but I have been buying brand name - does it make a difference? well, let's find out - next week I will buy discounted. Hubby loves his porridge with golden syrup on it. As a child for me it was a hot, overcooked lump with a moat of ice cold milk around it - yuk to most people but yum to me - I still like it that way with a dollop of jam on top!

  5. Oats are supposed to be a great help for nerves and for giving you energy and bringing the cholesterol levels down. Have you ever had a go at growing them?

  6. Betty, let us know if you find a marked differnce between branded and non-branded, it's always interesting to hear about these things. :)

    Dave, in a nutshell, no. I really don't mind allocating £50 (or whatever) of my annual grocery budget to prepared oats. Apart from that, it seems a rather unfrugal thing to even attempt. LOL We'd need to produce at least 50kg of the stuff from an ordinary garden, which already needs to house hens, ducks, quail, rabbit, mini-orchard, pond, fruit bushes and vegetable beds. We aren't on a smallholding.

  7. You have been TAGGED, check out my post tonight.
    I do hope you don't mind.

  8. Tried all sorts of different porridge, and personally I can't notice any difference. So just buy Tescos basic. Have it with milk though, microwaved 2 mins.

  9. We have porridge for our breakfast every day, Asda value is our favourite.

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