Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Quick Post of Appreciation

In Response to Previous Comments

I can hardly believe that we have bought the cottage. To be honest, I find it unbelievable that nobody else did! It has to be fate, or destiny or simply the right page in the book of, 'The Grand Scheme of Things'. I appreciate all your comments, hints, tips and suggestions, as we really do have loads of work ahead of us as part of the longterm plan for a self-sufficientish lifestyle of microholding, which involves DIY wherever possible.

The only way we have been able to purchase outright is because we really have lived a frugal life for the past number of years and plan on continuing to do so, only now we won't have much by way of savings set aside for a rainy day - it rained the day we went to look at the cottage.  :)

Renting has cost a fortune, even by living in some of the cheapest properties available in whichever area I've worked. I counted it up and, between us, we have paid over £60,000 on rent and digs over the past 10 years. That would pay for the house we've just bought! The price also reflects the state of the property, however, so we've a long way to go before it will become comfortable and productive.

With property prices rising and interest rates near non-existent, it was looking more and more impossible for us to buy, but it seems miracles really do happen! We were in the right place at the right time, it has to be as simple as that. It also helps that we live in an area where there is a high incidence of holiday and second homes, with prices, in my opinion, crashing.

We didn't have as much available to spend as the sellers were originally asking, but events transpired that brought about a change and they accepted a compromised offer, imposing extra conditions like 'no guarantees on anything' and 'no clearance of the property prior to sale'. It was basically a 'sold as seen' deal, based on the Home Report, a few pertinent telephone calls and some Internet research. We had delays with the purchasing process owing to the Office of the Public Guardian being involved, but what's another 21 days when your 'forever home' is at stake?

I will never understand why nobody else bought the cottage. A small building plot probably costs more than we paid for the house. In all honesty, I believe many people think money can buy anything in this life and they expect perfection in exchange for their cash. Perhaps the fact that this house wasn't overly expensive had everyone assuming that they'd only get what they paid for, so passed it by. How else could we have afforded to buy a house?

With extraordinary luck, a heap of hard work in the DIY department and an attitude that involves making the most of a situation, we will have the place habitable within the next 6 weeks and be moved our of here by the 7th of June. It may not be an ideal situation, nor may it be anybody else's idea of fun, but I'm thinking long term and can't wait to get moved. I'll bet the hens and ducks will love it over there!

Now the sun has come back out after hiding behind a thick blanket of fog. More of the garden will be transferred today and this time, we'll take the garden chairs rather than end up sitting on the planters.

All I can add to this is:

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up your hopes, dreams and aspirations and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER pass an opportunity to pursue those hopes, dreams and aspirations. Life passes quickly enough without placing self-imposed delays and diversions along the way. By all means, look before you leap, but be prepared to make that leap, if it's the one for you.
Many thanks for reading my personal web-log, I'm glad that you seem to enjoy it.
See you in Frugaldom.


  1. My husbands dream was to return to Scotland where he was born, that we did, mine was to live as self sufficient lifestyle as we could, for just 12 months that was what we did. I wish it could have lasted longer, but we had to be sensible........sigh......I never liked being sensible, but on this occasion sense prevailed and we left our cottage to move into town where weather would not have such a devastating effect as it had.

    Its too lte for my dream now, I will not see 60 again and as my children tell me I am no longer 20, 30 or even knees and hip tell the same story!!

  2. Amen!!!!!!!!!!! to your post..very similar to what I said in a post on my blog recently, that there is no way we'd be here in our little cottage without a frugal attitude, guts, determination and a lot of luck..IN OTHER WORDS BEING CONVERTS OF FRUGALDOM.

    Can't say enought how happy I am for you all..


    Sft x

  3. Thanks SFT, if I can make our cottage anywhere near as picturesque as yours, it'll be brilliant. :)

    Silversewer, I appreciate your comment and can cartainly relate to hip, knee and back problems, so who knows how long mine will hold me upright. It's a case of making hay while the sun shines. And I think your new apartment looks great, with everything conveniently close to hand without the worry of being blasted by the wind and frozen in for weeks on end during winter.

    As for the dream - it's still sinking in that we've actually got the place. No matter how bad it might look at the moment, it can only improve from hereonin.


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