Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Balls! Balls! Balls!

How Many Balls Are You Juggling?
Nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy, so we try to do our best and make the most of every opportunity. Juggling work with homelife and family, while dealing with an unexpected housemove, a renovation project and livestock IS a juggling act. I'm sure many people are in much, much worse situations.
Working from home places a huge reliance on certain basic essentials, like telephone line, Internet access and electricity. There are so many balls in the air that it's always best to factor in any eventualities - or risk toppling your finely tuned juggling act. Yesterday, our phoneline suddenly went dead! Today, we have a letter in informing us that the power company will be working on supplies, saying, "interruption to the supply will occur from 8:00am until 4.30pm." It's times like this I'm really glad we have a logburner for heat, hot water and cooking. At least we'll not be short of a cuppa.
Recently, several people responded to my post regarding the best, quickest and most cost effective way of replacing a lawn. I always appreciate the comments, but some people really, really don't. They won't respond to them, of course, they just automatically assume that I'm responsible.
I am quite taken by the fact that people find the frugaldom lifestyle so interesting, it's very satisfying that so many are pursuing similar goals and, like millions of others, recording their progress in journalistic fashion in blogs, forums and websites. But I think I was most humbled by the fact that, for all his ranting, this particular person did agree with several salient points contained within these posts and that he sincerely wished us well in our new home.
However, I will NOT be giving up the numerous blogs, forums or websites, I point blank refuse. If I use the Internet for research, note taking, journals, newspaper and magazine articles or for books, just like many other ambitious writers, researchers or journalists, it is my decision to do so.
Nor will I accept responsibility for any third party comments on a public message system, whether or not it is in response to an article written by me, here or anywhere else, for that matter.
We are each entitiled to our own opinions, we are each capable of arriving at our own conclusions, we each have the freedom to express ourselves within the limitations of the law.


  1. Well said my friend.

    Hope you enjoy your well earned cuppas!

    Sft x

  2. Hear hear!!

    Great piece of writing as usual, keep up the good work :)

  3. Many thanks, loads more to come... I reckon they'd need to chop off my hands to stop me writing. However, all reactions are welcome, as it just goes to show that what gets written does get seen & heard. That is, afterall, what keeps the media circus in business and keeps spin city firmly on the map. :)


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