Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Introducing the Concept of Microholding.


It's smallholding on a smaller scale and self-sufficiency in everything, including home and finances. It's about self-sustainability, frugal living & homebased working. From shed working to allotments, from windowsill gardening to rearing livestock. It's about a new way of life. It's about Frugaldom.

Microholding is the term I use to describe the source of everything concerning the 'Frugaldom' lifestyle. It isn't about smallholding, because we don't have land. We do, however, have a home and a garden, and that is the basis for what will, hopefully, become a self sufficientish lifestyle.

There's no limit to how small your property, garden, allotment or patch of land need be, so anyone can create their own microholding. It's about the lifestyle, the community, the camaraderie and the willingness to pursue the dream of establishing a degree of self sufficiency, be it for business or pleasure. We all need to start somewhere, so don't worry if that somewhere is nothing more than a tiny garden, a patio or even a windowsill with a pot of herbs. We each have space to grow and learn. A true smallholding comprises anything from 2 to 50 acres, so even the largest microholding would have to be less than 2 acres.

We have a specially designated section for Microholding in the free to join, Frugaldom Forums. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, share your trials and tribulations. Follow the frugaldom blog, where you can leave your comments or ask questions there, too. We have an entire micro community right here, waiting to welcome other like-minded people such as you. Welcome to the concept of microholding and the wonderful world of Frugaldom.

Man's home is his castle, so I'm guessing that the first thing we need is a secure roof over our heads. An adjoining garden offers essential growing and rearing space to provide us with edible produce, be it fruit, vegetables, herbs or eggs from poultry, game or fowl. Ideally, our microholding could provide us with meat, but we haven't ventured within the realms of putting what we rear into the food chain. It could provide us with financial freedom.

If you ever fancied life as a smallholder but haven't the time, energy, space, health or wealth to do so, then will power and the ability to adapt one thing into another is all it takes to create your very own microholding. Finding the right property might seem like a problem but frugaldom means adaptability, so we shall overcome all these problems in due course. Your future microholding may already be on your doorstep.

Remember - There's no minimum land mass requirement - a patio, balcony or, even, your windowsills could provide you with the basis for your own microholding project. "Micro", by definition, means very small or, in other circumstances, suitable for being operated and maintained by one person, so the prefix associated with a smallholding sounds apt to me. You can even use the term in reference to property, a shares portfolio or your personal investments.

The plan is to become as self sufficient as possible, earning a living by working from home as mini smallholders and frugal entrepreneurs - otherwise known as microholders. You might even like to make a small investment in a home study Garden Design Course or hone your skills in Property Development in anticipation of your future success. Knowledge is something you can never have too much of, so it's something we all need. It's a definite longterm investment that can pay rich rewards by way of living our chosen lifestyle and you can start that right now.

Generating an income from your microholding project could include egg sales, gardening services, home produce or even becoming a virtual assistant. With this in mind, I chose to pursue some Home Study Courses.

First and foremost, I sought out the relevant certification that enables me to make and sell homemade preserves on a small scale. A Food Hygiene Certificate costs just £25 + vat and should be sufficient for current legislation governing the sales of your home produce. What's more, the course can be studied online within a matter of hours, then it's just a short multi-choice test, all from the comfort of home. It's always advisable to check with your local Environmental Health Office if you have plans for further development of your ideas. Always be prepared to take the next step forward.

On the other side of this virtual coin, there's money - the hard cash that we all need in order to survive within the realms of modern society, leading a normal life, paying bills, investing, saving for the future. In this respect, 'microholding' is about the small investments made in an attempt to grow and safeguard your own financial future. Think of it as growing your own money trees. Your personal investments portfolio may be miniscule (or micro) to begin with - a mere handful of seeds - but it is yours, bought and paid for by you, for your future. It is your responsibility to ensure its safekeeping.

Just like sowing the seeds that produce the food in a garden, you need to sow the seeds of individual investments, ensure they are provided with the best possible opportunities to germinate then carefully cultivate them to ensure their future productivity. Just putting food on the table isn't enough, you still need to think of the future. In our present economic climate, during these times of what's being called, "austerity", we need to do more than just save a few pennies. Secure your own future, start your microholding now. Knowledge is power, so start learning how to develop your own self-sustainable future.

Brand new MICROHOLDING CHALLENGE starting soon! Take up the challenge to create your very own microholding from scratch. Hints, tips, pros and cons, the good, the bad and the downright ugly - we'll be charting the progress online and everyone is free to join in. Join us in the Frugaldom Forums and get ready to work, rest and play from home. We CAN succeed, we WILL succeed!

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