Thursday, 17 February 2011

Our Search for a New Frugaldom

Following on from previous post, we have a few very basic requirements for our next home.
  1. Security of tenure or outright purchase if it's affordable
  2. Minimum 2 bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen and bath or shower room
  3. Some storage - outbuildings or indoor cupboards
  4. Large garden with fruit & veg growing space - even just a veggie plot
  5. Space for some hens & ducks
  6. Space for small greenhouse & garden shed
We need to be able to live there, even if it means roughing it while carrying out renovation work and/or essential repairs. Condition of decor and state of the garden isn't a major concern, neither are basic remedial works, as we're used to starting from scratch and, as you all know, we enjoy a challenge. We'll need power, water, toilet facilities and a basically sound roof over our heads. I guess the priorities after that can be juggled accordingly, so long as it's within about 10 miles radius of the booktown and we can have a telephone line to ensure we can access work from home. As followers of the frugaldom lifestyle, we aren't all that difficult to please.

I don't think this is too tall an order and would love to hear from anyone who knows of any suitable properties either to rent or to buy.

If you need to get in contact, just log in to the free Frugaldom forums and message or email username 'Frugaldom'. Confidentiality both assured and expected.

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