Thursday, 2 December 2010

My Ducks Have Frozen!

Oops! Not like water off a duck's back at all - it's frozen solid!

Well, so much for the old addage, "like water off a duck's back," as that certainly doesn't hold true at -5C I didn't notice it on the white ducks but when Pingu and Pongo, the young drakes, managed to get in for their 'bath', the black feathers revealed the truth - the water is freezing to the birds' feathers! Sunshine just appearing over the hill at the moment, so that should defrost them but it's a bit of a to do when we need to thaw out our ducks in the mornings!
Let's hope the sunshine arrives and hangs around for the day - those clouds aren't looking very friendly.

Meanwhile, one of my Silkie haens has dcecided she wants to be broody and is sitting tight, neck deep in straw, refusing to move for anything or anyone. She looks very snuggly in her nest but she doesn't have any eggs, so I'm not sure what she's expecting to hatch.

The dark clouds have now passed overhead and we have winter sunshine again. Time to get a washing on and see if it's possible to get anything dried on the line. Not much of a breeze, so I suspect it will freeze solid quicker than it will dry.

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  1. but frozen washing is traditional - isnt it? We dont have a dryer as I consider them total waste of everything. If my mother can dry her washing in the winter without one I can cope too.


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