Monday, 15 November 2010

Dramatic skies and a mixed bag of weather

It was -5C this morning again, but this time it was prolonged enough to frost up the backs of all the sheep. Temperatures must have dropped through the night, so the resulting frost was thick and heavy and the water in the basins had to be cracked. Looks like the hens will be back on their warm water with cider vinegar and a spoonful of honey.

Dramatic skies warned of all sorts of weather and that's what we got. Heavy frost followed by a brief sunny spell, followed by a shower of rain then a flurry of snow. The hens didn't really mind too much, they were catching the flakes as they fell, like it was some sort of new game they had discovered.

The veggies in the raised beds out the front are all looking a little bit sorry for themselves - droopy and still frosted at almost 11.30am. Not sure how they survive the weather we get here but they always seem to bounce back, somehow.

Mr Mole hasn't retreated for the winter, that's for sure. He's making the very most of digging before the ground freezes completely. Trouble is, the lawn has dropped about 15cm and the ducks are now tracking the mole runs whilst the hens scratch and scatter the offending molehills. Arg! Not sure what to do about this; the solar powered sonic mole deterent proved to be completely worthless. In fact, it's been a total joke, as there have been several molehills appeared within a meter of the offending object. Don't like to get rid of it, though, as it was a gift from family who will ask where it's gone. I wonder if the reply, '"Into the field", would suffice?

I have 3 large rolls of marzipan and am hoping to use at least one of them to cut into sweet-sized pieces then coat them with chocolate. I'd fully intended tackling this job today, as I could melt the cooking chocolate over some simmering water on 'George' while he's lit. But then I thought of something else... I could make them in three different varieties if I held off and bought some store's own, basic brand chocolate in white, milk and dark. At 30p per bar, it isn't too expensive to melt it all down and turn it into Christmas presents and New Year gifts. After all, they are as gifts and frugal shouldn't really mean 'cheapskate'. My biggest problem will be trying not to eat the chocolate or the resulting marzipan sweets.

The sun is now trying to shine through the clouds so I'd best go and get the post ready to go while the car is defrosting. eBid and eBay goodies going out - every penny counts in this game.

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  1. ooh i never thought of marzipan sweets, may use what i have left from decorating xmas cake, to make some

  2. Mine are the bargain boxes from one of those discounted food suppliers... you know the ones: 3 packs for £1. :)


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