Sunday, 31 October 2010

'Frugal' doesn't make it free, but it does make it much more affordable...

Frugaldom Challenge on eBid Online Auctions

I remember joining eBid online auctions around 1998/1999, over a decade ago! Then came the forums, which I rejoined under the new name of NYK Media, in 2000. At that point, I hadn't even considered where it could lead, why I joined or what I would do with such an account, but it seemed like a good idea. As you'll have already guessed, the primary reason for 'getting involved' was that it was FREE, not even as much as a listing fee. eBay had sprung up around the same time, but eBid offered the opportunity to set up shop free of charge with a UK based outfit. As a result, Racing Book Shop continues to run successfully and is fully integrated with the online auctions.

Back then, we'd had a bit of a clear out and there were few charity shops near us. OK, to be honest, there were NO charity shops anywhere within easy reach and I still, to this day, hate binning anything that could have a remote possibility for reuse at any point in the distant future. The phrases, 'waste not, want not' and 'make do and mend,' spring to mind and, having always been used to functioning on a very tight budget, albeit for an assortment of rather eccentric reasons, my mind was always of the opinion that this little, UK based site would germinate into something great.

It's been about 12 years since eBid first appeared on our screens and, despite all odds, IT HAS SURVIVED. There have been many changes along the way, many site overhauls, refurbished forums, an ever-expanding global network of members and an ever-increasing number of categories, stores and items listed. The 'wanted' section disappeared along the way a few years back, but so many other free additions came along that the service was barely missed. However, it still lacks something - the ability to make people rich. Where eBay took the bull by the horns, grabbed every possible investment opportunity and exploded into a worldwide market place governed by shareholders, eBid still remains on a tight rein, harnessed by the powers that be - Gary and Mark and a handful of small investors.

Most 'frugaleurs' bought into both camps, I know I did - becoming a seller on both sites and a shareholder in eBay. We've had some good times - I made a fair bit of money from my eBay shares, getting out at the right time, in my opinion, and holding the profit for future investments. That ultimate, golden opportunity of investment hasn't, yet, presented itself, but I'm patient when it comes to that sort of thing. And, at the end of the day, my aim is not to become rich, it's to become contented - any extra cash generated will simply be a bonus. :)

Making ends meet with enough left over to pop it into the bank or into a pension or shares portfolio is a great idea, but the stock market hasn't got the same appeal as it once had. So what now? What do people want? How will freelancers and the home-based self-employed, such as us, earn our crust in the future? I guess diversification has to be the obvious answer. Everyone has an income of some description but it's what we do (or don't do) with it that's the crux of any financial problem. But how badly do people want something and how rigorous is their search to find the very best deal? In my experience, laziness or boredom creeps into the equation and folks settle for what they perceive to be a 'good buy' rather than continue their search for the ultimate bargain. So here is your chance to securing yourself an ULTIMATE BARGAIN.

Just announced in this month's eBid newsletter, there will now be buddy point auctions starting every Monday. These auctions involve NO CASH. You bid with points that can be earned for free via eBid. In the past, we have 'bought' many such items, the best bargains being the Nintendo DS, digital camera and, more recently, an ebook reader. But to keep on buying, means to keep on  earning points, so that's where you all come in - my points score is currently standing at 50.683 For every new person who signs up for a FREE membership, I can increase this by 1 point and for every extra point I earn, I can attempt to 'buy' one of the exciting eBid buddy point auctions. Where does that benefit anyone else, I hear you all ask? Well, for every item, be it a laptop, a camera or a printer, that I 'win', I will list it as an eBid auction item with a starting price of just 99p + postage  & packaging. As an eBid member, you'll have the chance to buy the item at a knock down cash price. So, here goes.... JOIN ME HERE and I'll begin bidding for the Fujifilm FinePix S1500 10MP digital camera and then the Canon PIXMA MX870 Wireless Office All-in-One Printer 
 from today, 31st October 2010.

 You can watch the current auctions HERE and HERE I'll update this blog post with my maximum number of points as they increase so you can see my top bid.

  • Current points total = 50.683
  • First bid = 38
  • Current bid = 50
I can't go any further on this one without your help, so please CLICK HERE to help with the buddy points balance, thank you. Of course, with the promise of new Buddy Point auctions every Monday, who knows what we might win (or not) in November. :)

I don't work for eBid, eBid works for me.

Join us in the fun, frugal forum at

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