Saturday, 13 February 2010

What a glorious day!

It was a clear and bright morning, the sun shone and warmed the greenhouse up to 20C, but there was a brisk breeze that smelt of snow! In the field, we saw the first lamb of the year! We did a bit of general garden maintenance, which basically comprises clearing up the devastation caused by our feathered friends on a daily basis, then I hung out a washing, set the breadmaker to bake the day's loaf and then we set off towards the forest.

Despite the sunshine, the forest was still frosty around the edges, it lay like patches of snow, glistening white in the tiny spots where the sun penetrated the treetops. We stopped to photograph the scenery, the birds, the woodlands and the Galloway Hills on the horizon, where snow still lay.

Within the deep, dark depths of the forest, we gathered a basketful of fallen cones, which I dry and use for kindling the fire. A baskeful lasts me about a fortnight, so each forest forage is productive. We ocassionaly bring the odd stick or branch home but aren't allowed to gather firewood from this particular forest. I stood for a bit watching a deer cross the scrubby land to the stream then stop to drink before returning to the safety of the forest. It is such a peaceful place, yet, in the distance, I could hear gun shots ringing out across the hills. I wonder what they were shooting? Pigeons? Deer? More likely ducks or geese at this time of year.

Back home and the photos have been uploaded to computers, a few cropped down for the Frugaldom website and dinner was pheasant pie, again, this time served with cous cous & veg.

Now tell me again that this frugal lifestyle is, "sub-standard living and self-imposed poverty" so I can remind all that this lifestyle is the one I'd choose anyday! I have no interest in the 9 to 5 when this glorious development known as the Internet and worldwide web can provide us with everything else that we need.

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  1. I have just found your site and each morning I log on in ernest to see what you have been up to, you and your OH seem to be enjoying your life very much it sounds great but I know it will have its down side as most things do. I've trawled the intenet, finding out how people can have a more frugal life and find it really interesting, wartime recipies etc, anyway after looking at your 2010 buget challenge, since the new year have been very frugal with the housekeeping have lived out of two small freezers, just have a xmas roll of chestnut and sausagemeat stuffing left which will be used this week, baked yesterday, your lemon drizzle cake inspired me,batch of scones and oaty cookies. am going to make a lasagne this morning, found a dry pice of cheese to use in the sauce and having a go at the lemon curd,i dont grow veg, had a go at potato container growing in two old dustbins last year, not a great return, will try again with a different variety,a few peas and toms, but its a start. I cook from scratch and OH eats leftovers for lunch although i throw it into homemade soup if I can. No snow here in east yorks, I have a friend who lives up your way, Borgue, your photos reminded me of the views from her kitchen window, fab, look forward to reading your next blog , jules


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