Friday, 12 February 2010

Cake and cooking conundrums!

How bad are we? How unfrugal are we? Not only did we polish off the last of the homemade loaf at lunchtime with a tin of beans between 2 of us, we then proceeded to scoff a carton of yoghurt each. A couple of hours later, we still found space for a mid afternoon snack! It's ridiculous!

I know someone who'll laugh when I say what that snack was but the last of the fruit loaf needed using up and pouring custard over it seemed like a bright idea. In my defence, it was frugal cheap custard of the 7p per packet variety, but it was still a non-essential portion of food consumed for no real reason other than to use up the last of some fruit cake.

I'm now sitting here wondering to myself if I should go and bake some fruit loaves and make the most of the oven being on to make a couple of trays of coconut macaroons just so I can use up the egg whites that were saved from lemon curd making for Tuesday's LETS trading. That way, I'd be more inclined to mix up some pastry and get a pie in the oven for dinner. But then I may have enough meat (it's pheasant) to pad it out with gravy and mixed vegetables to make 2 pies! As you'll have guessed, this is not condusive to emptying the freezer, as whatever I decide to do now or later, it'll result in at least 3 fruit loaves and a game pie surplus to immediate requirement and needing stored in the freezer. No point costing it all out for the Frugaldom grocery budget because I swapped 3 jars of lemon curd for 4 pheasants, the hens laid the eggs for making the lemon curd and the ducks laid the eggs for the cake making, so it all gets a bit confusing and drives me quackers! LOL Welcome to my wacky world.

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  1. Hi I like the sound of your wacky world! LOL

    I'm just newly dipping my toes into the frugal lifestyle but I'm enjoying it so far! LOL


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